10 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Beginners – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2019

Fishing is an activity enjoyed by many people across the world. This activity brings up plenty of emotions and a fresh perspective on life. Fishing is often a fun activity for a beginner.

However, that level of excitement can only be sustained with the right fishing tools/equipment. Mastering the ancient art of fishing requires working with the right fishing rod.

Fishing rod and reel combo overview!

A good beginner fishing rod provides an excellent introduction to fishing and should be easy to use.

These best beginner fishing rods and best fishing rods and reel combos for beginners are effective means for starting out. These selections of the best fishing rod and reel combo should provide value for your money.

They should also form the basis for the acquisition of other fishing equipment as one gains experience.

The challenge facing many beginners in fishing is sieving the most appropriate equipment among the many available brands! Nevertheless pitting your fishing requirement/budget against your long term goals, should help you trim down your list.

You would also have to consider some other important factors before settling for your best fishing rod and reel combo.

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Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Beginners Reviews


Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting

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Amateur fishing enthusiasts will get more than they bargained for with the Abu Garcia. Packed with cutting-edge features, the Abu Garcia Black Max Fishing Rod and Baitcast Fishing Reel Combo delivers extreme durability, smooth drag, and supple sensitivity required to tame hard pulling gamefish.

Greenhorns to fishing will find that ultra-responsive graphite rod comes with a lightweight, smooth-operating reel that enhances the fishing experience.

This rod also comes with an ergonomic handle and recessed reel foot so that you can fish all day long. Enjoy Abu Garcia’s MagTrax brake system.

This system generates consistent brake pressure to enhance your cast’s range and accuracy. Besides, there is a  Power drag system that gives you the leverage to haul in tough-fighting fish.

Overall, beginners will find that the Abu Garcia possesses a right balance of power and is suitable for all kind of fishing.


UglyStik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

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Fishing beginners can entrust their baby steps to the UglyStick GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo. This fishing rod gives premium value for your money.

This best fishing rod combines the heritage and tradition of the original manufacturers along with strength and durability. The fishing rod itself comes from Graphite and fibreglass that offers excellent durability and sensitivity yet is lightweight.

The ugly stik gx2 spinning rod has a clear Tip design, which delivers enhanced responsiveness and strength. The other attractive features of the Ugly stick includes having premium materials in the rod, graphite blanks for extra sensitivity as well as a pretty stiff rod.

The rods also come with stainless steel guides; hence you can use the Uglystick for saltwater fishing. In the end, the Uglystick provides the versatility and durability for people intent on fishing for long periods.

Sougayilang 2-Piece Baitcasting


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The Sougayilang fishing rod and reel combo are among the top contenders for best fishing rods for beginners.

For starters, the Souayilang is lightweight and portable and easily fits in the car trunk, boat or in a backpack. The rod component of the Sougayilang stems from advanced engineering production.

It comes from High-Density Carbon Fiber Mixed with Fiberglass. This admixture of materials makes this fishing rod hard and ultra durable. The reel of the Sougayilang is also impressive.

It features 13 + 1 Corrosion Resistant Smooth Ball Bearings, Precision Matched Gears and a Powerful 5.5:1 Gear Ratio. This configuration ensures the Sougayilang delivers ultra smooth performance, all day long.

The handle of the Souyilang comes from Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Honeycomb Design. This design gives you the comfort and grip to carry on for long periods, without feeling weary.


Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo

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Beginners will find this offering from The Abu Garcia stable, a worthy companion in the waters. The Pro Max Spinning Fishing rod and Reel Combo. Many reviewers speak highly of the 7′ inch rod of the Pro Max. It comes as a medium power rod with fast action.

The blank is constructed with I-M6 Graphite. This Mid-modulus graphite blank construction offers excellent sensitivity and lightweight.

The reel of the Pro Max also gets accolades. The reel features seven ball bearings ( 6 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing ). This combination offers a smooth and pretty fast retrieve power.

The reel has a Lightweight Graphite Body And Rotor; this setup enhances the performances. Machined Aluminum Spool forms the main constituent of the Pro Max’s reel. This material provides strength without adding excess weight.

This best fishing rod and reel combo work with a slow oscillation. This timed oscillation provides an even line lay with all types of lines.


PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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Plusinno has arguably the best telescopic rod and reel combo in the market today! If you want to start fishing and are looking for a telescopic rod that is effective and budget-friendly, go for Plushinno.

The Plushinno comes with several standout features in the industry. The rod enjoys perfect elasticity. The primary material is high-density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass which makes the fishing pole hard and durable. The reel seat comes from stainless steel; hence this fishing rod is suitable for saltwater fishing.

The operating mechanism of the Plushinno offers beginners loads of leverage. The rod comes with Instant anti-reverse as well as power drive gears equipped for high strength fishing challenges.

Overall, this fishing rod is a brand you can trust. If you need a telescopic rod, this could be a better choice than any other telescopic rods out there.


Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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Sougaayilang brings another best Fishing rod and reel combo for the beginner. Just like its counterpart we discussed earlier, this Portable Telescopic rod comes with many impressive features. It is light, strong and durable.

These characteristics center on the use of high-density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. The reel seats consist of Stainless steel. Therefore you need not worry about corrosion and wear.

The grip of this portable Telescopic rod and reel features an EVA foregrip for comfort. You can fish all day, and your hands will not be worse off for it.

The mechanism for the Sougayilang Portable offers you instant anti-reverse once you’ve hooked a catch. You will also enjoy the Power drive gear that gives strength to tackle challenging fish.

In the end, the mission of Sougayilang is to spread the joy of fishing around the world. They also look forward to making you a better angler with their best fishing rod and reel combo.


Mitchell 300 pro spinning Combo

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As a beginner, the Mitchell 300 offers you a ton of features that will set you well on your way to becoming a professional. These features include:

Improved functionality with 8 Bearings with an instant Anti-Reverse for smooth operation.

  1. An Innovative Bail Halo for superior strength
  2. Powerful advanced polymeric body, Aluminum handle, and spool for added strength
  3. The presence of a multi-Disk System for consistent drag pressure
  4. A 24 Ton graphite rod for increased sensitivity and strength.

This best fishing rod and reel combo offer to take your performance to the next level. The Mitchell comes with stainless steel guides and inserts.

These reinforcements give this fishing reel increased durability at a reduced weight. You can also bank on the EVA split grip handle which offers ideal comfort and balance for hours of fishing.


Pflueger Trion Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

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The Plueger is another strong contender for the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. Let us examine the rod of the Pflueger.it’s an I-M6 Graphite rod.

It features as a  Mid-modulus graphite blank construction which provides an exceptional sensitivity. You should understand that Graphite rods are not that heavy like glass fiber.

In effect, the lightweight of the Pflueger reduces arm fatigue to large extents. The stainless steel guides along the rod ensure that you can fish in salt water without the effects of corrosion.

Now to the reel. It is a spinning configuration that centers on a seven ball bearing. These parts are corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings.

With the reel, you can confidently fish in the harshest of environments. The reel of the Pflueger also offers a seamless retrieve and drag pressure system.


K&E Outfitters Drift Series 5wt Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Complete Package

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The K& E Outfitters Drift is another viable option for beginners in the world of fishing. A small team of passionate builders ensures that the K&E Outfitters helps you achieve your angling objectives. Now to the rod.

The SK Carbon fast action Rod has a silky smooth cast with ultra-sensitivity right down to the high-quality cork handle. The rod guides come from the best materials and aid you in achieving stable, effortless casting.

The reel of the K&E is just as impressive as the rod. For starters, this all aluminum die cast reel comes fitted with a large drag knob for easy adjustment.

The reel also affords regular cleaning as a result of a detachable arbor. With the reel, beginners can attain drag pressures that are consistent and reliable. The reel also features a top quality honey colored weight fly line, so you generate long and accurate loops.



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The M MAXIMUMCATCH encompasses all the tools and accessories that a beginner needs to angle effectively. The technology behind the M MAXIMUMCATCH is impressive.

The rod consists of pure IM7 24T plus 30T carbon fiber, with mixed five layers of carbon including Reinforced Muscle carbon layer. This material configuration confers at least a 20% increase in strength of the rod, which gives you the power needed for better performance.

The reel comes from aluminum lightweight with an incredibly smooth disc drag system. The reel also features a pre-spooled backing, weight-forward floating fly line, and tapered leader.


Benefits Of A Good Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

It is essential to work with the best fishing rod and reel that are well matched and work together flawlessly. This mechanism proves vital to successful and enjoyable fishing excursions.

A well-balanced fish rod and reel combo do not only feel good in one’s hands. Such a rig gives you control for a smooth experience when casting, fighting fish, and retrieving.

The easiest and cost-effective way to get a functional rod and reel setup, especially if you’re a beginner, is to go with a ready-made combo.

This rule of thumb centers on the manufacturer has already done the hard work by putting together a balanced outfit for optimum performance. You also save time by not trying to figure out what goes with what or which rod and reel specifications are good together.

Your task is to pick the best combo for you as well as add a suitable fishing line, lures, and baits. You can then head out to the water, catch fish, and have fun. The most practical approach to ensure you get the best fishing rod and reel is to choose among a bevy of options.

However, the benefits of a good fishing rod and reel combo are dependent on other preparations you make beforehand. Sports fishing should go beyond just catching a school of fish. It encompasses aspects such as bonding with nature as well as spending/sharing precious moments with friends and family. For many other, Fishing serves as a means of relieving stress and clearing the mind.

So if sports fishing means all of those mentioned above and more, then the following tips can come in handy:

  • Do a check of your primary Fishing gear kit

This list should include all or more of the following:

  1. A Fishing License (This option depends on your place of residence and age)
  2. A fishing rod (you should go for the spinning variety)
  3. A fishing reel (go for compatible versions for your rod)
  4. Line (Settle for 4 to 12-pound-test monofilament fishing line)
  5. Hook (work with hooks in size range  6–10)
  6. Baits &amp, lures (live baits or artificial lures are suitable)
  7.  A package of fishing sinkers
  8.  A plastic or cork bobber (beneficial item for beginners)
  9.  A Plier or nail clipper

10.Tackle box (additional/optional)

  1. Bucket (additional/optional)
  2. Fishing wader (additional/optional)
  • Know your Rod

Beginners should go for a perfect blank that works seamlessly with your cast. You can find four types of rod available in the market:

a.Fiberglass: This variety is extremely durable. IT can withstand user abuse and offers substantial flexibility. However, fiberglass rods are often not recommended for a beginner due to its higher weight.

b.Graphite Rods: These rods are lightweight, sensitive, flexible, relatively durable and absorb shock. Experts recommend graphite rods for beginners because they cost less.

c.Carbon fiber: It’s a form of a graphite rod, but it comes more refined and serves as the reinforced version of graphite.

d.Modern composite:  These kinds of rods emanate from high-performance thermoplastic fibers. These kind of rods are often costly and are not recommended for a first-time angler.

  • Pick a Reel

Under this point, spinning reels come in handy for a beginner. The mechanism of the spin reel is easy to understand and master. Competitive angling provides slower gear ratio heavy spinning reel so that you can land some of the biggest game fish in your first few days.

  • Know your Technique

As an amateur angler, your fishing technique constitutes an essential part of the equation. The following methods will serve you in good stead:

  • Bottom Bouncing

This method suffices for people fish in current or from a boat. It involves casting a jig or live bait up the current and then letting it bounce from the bottom. You must however quickly retrieve your catch before other predators come to the scene.

  • Live to the Line

Beginners work with the direction of water current/stream in this technique. The line is cast and the bait allowed to reach the bottom. The objective is to catch fish drawn by the current to the bait.

  • Chumming

The idea behind this method is to lure fish toward you utilizing a mix of food.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Beginners

Do not get a fishing rod and reel combo on a whim. There are specific criteria that should guide your purchase. These factors include the following:

  • The Length Of The Fishing Rod

The length of a fishing rod often varies between 2 and 20 feet. The length of the rod centers or depends on your needs. If you are looking to do fly fishing, then a long rod comes in handy.

If you are dealing with small lures, however, go for a short rod. Short baits are ideal for hauling in fighting fish such as bass and pike.

  • Rod Material

In the early days, fishing rods came from bamboo. Today, however, many manufacturers have switched to the use of fiberglass and graphite. Carbon fiberglass fishing rods are more dependable than the graphite types.

They are not only highly flexible but also cheap, sturdy, and durable. On the other hand, graphite fishing rods are lighter, more sensitive, stiffer. One set back with graphite fishing rods is that they break easily.

  • The action of the Rod

This point looks at how readily the rod flexes every time force is applied. This property also determines how far the rod can go and underlines its ability to bend.

Fast action fishing rods work efficiently in catching large species of fish since the entire top third of the rod turns. Beginners can learn the craft with medium action fishing rods, which allow bending at the top half.

  • The Power of the Rod

The power of the rod refers to the level of pressure needed to bend the fishing rod while in action. The power of the rod encompasses terms such as ultra-light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy. Light fishing rods require less bending power as compared to heavy rods.


Find the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners may prove a daunting task. This is attributable to the fact that you will be dealing with a plethora of brands.

Selecting one that best meets your needs might be challenging, especially when you are on a budget. Furthermore, there are other important factors to consider. These include aspects such as rod length, action, power, and construction material.

The fishing rods and reel combo variants examined in this article can serve the new angler meritoriously. However, if we are to settle for one pick, it will have to be the Sougayilang Fishing rod and Reel Combo.

This selection works for the beginner in many ways. For starters, this rod comes with telescopic fishing pole spinning reels. The fishing rod of the Sougayilang comes from Carbon Fiber mixed with Fiberglass; these constituents make the rod strong and durable.

The guide ring of the Sougayilang comprises CNC Aluminium spool, which gives high performance and a lightweight.

Overall, beginners will find that the Sougayilang offers durability, performance, lightweight, and enhanced flexibility.

Moreover, the Sougayilang comes at a super friendly price considering its high quality or when compared to its competitors.

Overall, any of the other rods/reels can serve just as well. The beginner’s final selection will depend on the need, cost as well other functionalities offered by fishing rod/reel combo variety.



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