10 Best Fly Reel For The Money – {Reviews and Buyer’s guide}

Sometimes you just hear some people say ‘your fly fishing reel is just there to hold your fishing line,’ however accurate this may sound for an extended period, trust me the reality kicks in real fast when there you trap a mega fish on your fish line.

At this time you will most certainly know the importance of getting the best fly reel for the money. This is because going by the saying that flies around telling people to fly fishing reel is just another tool to hold the line, you will not pay attention to the best fly reel on the market.

The best fly reel of all time should give you excellent feedback of value, and you will be able to trust that your fishing line is safe and can tackle any hit brought about by the water or the fish.

The essence of getting the best fly reel for the money is simple, you pay less or stay on budget, and yet you get a quality product. This makes it easy for newbies in the fishing adventure to have their way by being able to save money and yet get a good fly reel that is available for purchase in the market.

To simplify the process of getting the best fly reel for the money go through this review article, and you will be happy you did.

10 Best Fly Reels For Fish Hunting

1. Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

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Big money reels do not guarantee big and quality performance, there are lots of fly fishing reels that can’t give a quarter of quality delivered by the lesser budget reels. To save cash, the Orvis Hydros SL is one of the most fascinating products you can choose, and yet it brings a tremendous amount of quality compared to its price tag.

Talk about quality of a reel then you would have to pick the Orvis as a legend in the family of best reels for the money. It has since gotten great reviews from fly fishing experts and also from the community of fly fishers.

The durability of this product is one of its greatest strength, you will love that the drag system is tightly sealed to shut out dirt and sand that could cause damage to the unsealed system.

On the design part, the Orvis is built a new frame that has a spoon like the design; this feature contributes significantly to the ruggedness of the Orvis Hydros.

About the new frame and the spoon, it is the reason for the versatility of the product, this spool also features a huge arbor, and this translates to super-fast line retrieval process. The Orvis reel is designed to withstand salt waters.

2. Piscifun Platte Fly Reel

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This is an entry-level class fly reel, and I guarantee you that this is a reel with excellent performance. The Piscifun Platte fly reel commands quality and yet has a cheap price tag. For anglers, this reel offers great value for newbies in the fly fishing sport.

The Piscifunplatte reel is a machine that gives a standard level of profound durability that is not easy to get in a die cast reel. The spool fit and frame provides high-end tolerance that is as good as top budget reels. The Piscifun approves of fresh water and salt water suitability.

The Piscifun has a large arbor design which is there for fast picking of lines when in need. The machine is CNC approved that has a spool that allows for optimum air exposure to your reel lines and the backing which galvanizes quick drying.

The design of the Piscifun is presented as lightweight, and this helps the reel balance to be well intact. The drag system functions just fine while the carbon to stainless drag mechanism helps to stop water from entering the machine.

3. Lamson Guru Fly Reel

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This product from Waterworks-Lamson presents a quality giving reel. This product is designed with capabilities, and yet you don’t have to spend too much to get this fly fishing reel. The design of the machine is with aluminum which is why the Guru fly reel stays cheap.

Plenty of the reels in this type of category will not have a great drag system however the conical drag system of the liquid is genuine, sleek and the startup inertia is low. This is a 4.5lbs model, and that makes it strong for bigger fishes.

The Guru presents a genuine sealed drag that is manufactured right from Idaho in the US. You can adjust the drag system to the level of sensitivity that will give very light tippet. Maintenance of this product is almost not needed plus you can easily swap the spool out when it is needed.

In the wake of a big fish coming straight at you the presence of the large arbor in the Guru helps to pick up slacklines with speed immediately.

4. Galvan Rush Light Fly Reel

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This is what I call a true diamond in the rough; this product seems to be one of the most underrated fly reels. This is such a beautiful and quality commanding reel produced by Galvan.

In terms of the drag system, you can truly bank on the capability, and you can also use the drag system as a torque. This reel is strong enough to handle large trout and bass. The maximum drag of the straight pull stands at a whopping 12 pounds.

This makes it a big powerful drag machine. Other products also present a relative amount of drag, but the sensitivity that this comes with is what set it apart. In case of a big fish breaking out in an unusual run, you should trust the product to keep your tippet intact without breakage.

The light rush is one of the reels that will last you for a very long period which boils down to the quality of engineering afforded to this product.

5. Ross Evolution LTX Fly Reel

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This product continues the generations of the fly fishing reel from Ross Reels. This boasts of sleek drag and profound durability.

The manufacturers had to revisit the design drawing board to bring a new drag system in the LTX design. This beats all previous models of reel made by Ross Reels. The drag system is slated to be around 8 pounds of maximum drag. This translates to the amount of drag that you will probably ever require.

The evolution is made to have iconic sounds with an operation that maintains its legendary feature. The design of the LTX presents a large spool arbor that makes the product lightweight, durable and maintains standard grip.

This means in the case of battling a big fish you will need the grip to maintain balance and guide against slipping off of your fingers. The product has a type of bell-shaped uniqueness that brings strength to the line and the spool. The product can work effectively with saltwater.

6. Redington Behemoth Fly Reel

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Redington has been known for its extensive command of quality, and they also pay attention to decent pricing.

The Behemoth is a reputable all round fly fishing reel. This product is made of die-cast which makes it a little less strong than the aluminum made reels. The presence of interlocking arbor on the product helps in quick retrieval of your fly fish line. The spool helps to keep the line exposed to air to get the line drying up fast.

The behemoth offers anglers a durable carbon fiber drag system which makes it strong enough to battle it out with big fishes and saltwater species. The design of the Behemoth drag resistance is slated at 17lbs which makes for strong stopping power.

The downside to the Behemoth is the fact that it is not lightweight which can make you struggle while trying to find balance during the setup.

7. Hardy Duchess – Best Classic Reel

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This company has a reputation for producing high-end quality angling equipment. This machine is made to have a smooth finish which brings a lot of great feeling to the users of the reel.

You can count on this reel to bring a whole lot of excitement on the fly fishing front, it is made to last longer in terms of use.

The design is specially made of aluminum which makes it have high durability and strength, the arbor of the product is of a great size which is not too big or too small. It has a handle that brings comfort along with it, and this handle makes the product look a lot classy.

This product is strong and will last you for almost a lifetime. The lightweight model also makes it popular amongst anglers. The downside to the product is the high price of the product.

8. Lamson Force SL Series II – Lightest Reel

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For a modern feel of the fly reel, the Lamson force SL series II is one of the best in town, this design is sleek, and most anglers approve this to be one of the leading reels in the market.

The design of this product is lightweight which is one of the selling points for the Lamson Force SL series, the product weighs just about 2.8 ounces which makes it extremely light. Normally manufacturers tend to get rid of some features to make the product lightweight, but this product is not missing on any of its essential functions.

You can bank on the high-end machine aluminum to give you a strong fly reel. You are however advised to tread carefully with this reel due to its lightweight, but you can be sure that it is still a durable reel that will serve you for a long time. The product comes with a warranty and boasts of a large arbor. The downside to this is that it is less durable.

9. Douglas Argus Rex

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If you are one of the people who crave for quality and yet prefers not to break your budget, the Douglas Argus Rex is your best option. This product is lightweight and weighs up to 8 ounces, the manufacturer makes up for the lightweight feature by making sure the product does not lack in durability.

The design of this product was made to withstand a lot of abuse, what this translates to, is that the product is strong and it is quite a solid reel which will last you for almost a lifetime.

It has a traditional drag system which has been tested for almost a decade and yet it still holds up to be a strong product. It has a relatively large arbor that can withstand a lot of line in big water. This is a pure value giving a product that will last you for so long.

10. Tibor Signature Series

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This product is machined out of the first and finest grade of aluminum, and it is designed for longevity. All the necessary features that require seal up are all sealed, and this includes the drag system, the drag system of this product is one of the best drag systems in the fly reel market.

It is powerful enough to stand toe to toe with had running fishes and hard running salt water. Still, this product can still function in your local trout stream.

For a long mile of quality, you can bank on the sealed cork drag system which comes with its own maintenance function to serve you right.

Because of this design, you can easily flip the product from left to right-hand use. The manufacturers of this product did well to give attention to the behavioral pattern of a fisherman which makes it one of the best fly reels in the market.

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Is Fly Reel Safe For Fishing?

Safety is the best ingredient you can give to yourself as human, this is because anything you do, you are to first apply the safety rules this is why it best to know if the fly reel is safe for fishing.

A fly reel is safe for fishing because of the great features and simplicity of fishing that this product brings. A fishing reel is a cylindrical device that is made to attach to a fishing rod that is used in a winding and stowing line.

What makes this safe for fishing is the cushion it brings while fishing, it brings balance to your fishing line, and it helps to withstand the push from running water or the push from a violent fish that is pulling back the lines.

The presence of the drag system helps to prevent spool overrun during the process of line stripping from the wheel, this also helps to tire out the fish until they can no longer push back.

All this combined are the mega reason for the safety it brings to fishing.

What is the best fly reel for the money?

The best fly reel for the money should have several features that help to make fishing easy and harmless.

The best type of fly reel for the money in the market is said to be two, and they are die-cast fly reel and CNC fly reel.

The die-cast is made with molten alloy, this type of fly reel are the types with the lowest price on the market. What brings this below the CNC type of fly reel is that it is not strong and breaks when it falls.

The CNC type of fly reel on the other hand; the detail in its engineering and the expensive material used to make them is the reason they are the best fly reel for the money. This type of fly reel can last you for a lifetime.

How strong is the best fly reel for fishing?

The fly reels are made of two different raw material, and they are called the die cast and the CNC type of fly reel.

The die-cast is not as strong as the CNC type of die cast because of the type of raw material used in making them. And this causes the die-cast fly reel to be less durable, and it can break upon collision with the ground.

The CNC type of fly reel is the strongest type of fly reel as they are made with solid block aluminum and this gives them the needed durability that will help them thrive against hard pulling fish and hard running water.

The raw aluminum material is well anodized which helps to prevent corrosion in the CNC type of fly reel. They are so strong that they can withstand salt water and are so durable that they can take a lot of punishment. They are expensive and last longer.

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Criteria for choosing the best fly reel for the money                                         

Before going to the market to shop for your best fly reel for the money, you should know the criteria needed to make the right choice as this will go a long way in helping you decide what will work for you and make your fishing experience one of the best you have lived in a while.

Size of the Fly Reel

Before buying your fly reel product consider the size and pay attention to the type of size that will favor your fishing course. Consider how large your hand is so that you don’t get the small reel and then your hand looks too big on it. The size also helps to determine how functional the fly reel would be as it can help to determine how strong the fly reel is.

The fly reel design

Of the various types of fly reels in the market, most of them are built for specific jobs, and this is important information to keep in mind because you should have an idea about the type of fishing adventure you want to go on and the type of water you are riding on. Knowing this would mean you choose the appropriate design for your course.

The drag system

This is one of the very many and essential features of your fly reel, and you should pay attention to the strength of the drag system. There are two types of drag system in the market; they are spring and pawl and disc drag. The spring and pawl are like a click drag, and however, this type of fly reel is made to be lightweight which makes it easy for the hand to hold and then it evenly distributes weight.

Brand of the fly reel                                                                                                         

The brand of the product sometimes determines its uniqueness because, with some company brands, you are sure that there is no room for bad or wrong comments since they always give quality products to their customers.

Review of other buyers

This is an important part of the process because previous or present users of the same product you are trying to get, have knowledge about the product, and that will help you choose the best fly reel for the money. Prices vary from design to design, so be sure to make extensive research into the market of fly reel. Some of the products are however very expensive and yet they are of quality materials and quality output.

Consider the type of hand you use

Before buying any fly reel product, consider if you can make use of both hands with ease on the product.

Price of the fly reel

This is very crucial since you are trying to save money, you should buy the best product that matches your budget because you do not want to break the bank for an expensive product and yet you don’t get a quality product. The disc drag type of fly reel is an example of average price fly reel, and it is well known amongst anglers. It is modern which means they can take a large weight of fishes.


The best fly reel for the money makes your fishing process simpler and harmless, which is why it is a recommended tool for the anglers and fishermen. With the help of this article, I believe that we have been able to steer you in the right direction of the best fly reel to choose in the market.

The best product to pay attention to on this list is the Lamson Guru Fly Reel, this product was made with great detailing and the engineering of the product makes it one of the best in the market. You can’t get less than a quality product by choosing to use Lamson Guru Fly Reel. Choose this product, and you will have me to thank.

On the list of the most affordable product in this article, the Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel comes in as a first and yet it brings you a lot of value that will make you think you actually deserve to pay more. If you are the type that will always choose quality over mediocrity for a reasonable price that would not require the breaking of the bank, select the Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel.

Having read all that has been reviewed in this article, your chances of getting the best fly reel for the money on the market just grew by a mile.




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