10 Best Ice Augers for Cordless Drill – {Experts Reviews and Buyer’s Guide}

Are you an angler? How often do you fish? Are you a firm believer in the fact that new technology will improve things? Over the years, technology has kept spinning to deliver the best.

You may not be new to ice augers, they have been in the market for such a very long time, and they are not leaving there soon. But with the effect of technology, the best ice ager for cordless drill has been developed.

Ice auger has resulted in better fishing experience. Many argue that using ice augers is equivalent to fishing in the old ways, but no this is something different. The newly developed ice augers for cordless drills carry new designs; they are made with durable materials and removable blades that makes it perfect for usage at all times.

These ice augers are not the grandad’s augers, they are the newest thing in the fishing world, the very best ice augers for cordless drill.

In this review, we will be discussing the important things to know about the Ice Augers for cordless drills, it uses, the criteria for selections. We will also be reviewing some of the very best Ice Augers you can buy and their details. In the end, it is expected that you will be convinced enough to get your own Ice Augers.

Choosing the best ice ager cordless drill

You don’t just jump into the market and buy any Ice Augers for the cordless drill you see; there are some essential factors to consider before buying. Because the chances of purchasing the old-fashioned ice augers in the market are high, you need to consider the following criteria before buying.

  • The overall weight

One of the things to consider is the total weight of your ice auger. It is expected to have a very lightweight. When you are fishing either in early or late ice, you must be concerned about the weight of the hand auger you are using, and it is an important safety consideration.

The smaller the diameter of the auger, the lighter the weight will be, and the safer it will be to haul into the sea.

  • The diameter of the auger

Most hand augers have three sizes from which you can choose from, 4.5”, 6”, and 8”. So how do you choose the one you need? It is important to note that the bigger the hole, the longer the auger will drill, and the smaller the hole, the shorter it will drill. Bigger holes are best especially when you need to drill multiple holes per day on thick ice.

For most ice fishing application, a 6” diameter hole is perfect, even the biggest fish like the big lake trout or pike will easily fit through a 6-inch hole. Many anglers who focuses on panfish find the 4.5-inch auger perfect for them.

And if you will be using the bigger 8-inch auger, it is essential to have an auger whose blade can be sharpened to make the overall process of drilling and fishing as efficient as possible.

  • Removable blades

Another vital thing to consider when buying your ice augers is if the blades are detachable or not. Although most augers now come with removable blades.

When removable, it will be easier to sharpen dull blades or to replace them completely when on ice, this will make it easier for you to have a perfect drilling experience.

With serrated blades, cutting ice is more comfortable and more efficient, the small teeth have more surface which will easily chip away the strong ice with little effort.

  • Adjustable height

Before you pay for that Ice Augers, consider if it has an adjustable height. There are two things involved when it has an adjustable height. First, you can adjust it when working on thicker ice and the handle will still be at a comfortable height for you.

Secondly, your personal height can easily be adjusted to make you comfortable with drilling. With the handle at the right level, you will be able to drill holes easily and limit fatigue to your arms during the process of drilling.

  • Ability to handle cordless

Most prefer buying one of the best Ice Augers for cordless drill all because of its ability to handle cordless drill. It sometimes may be much more expensive, but anglers appreciate it more than those with cord.

With its battery charged, you can do a lot of drilling without moving cords around. What is more, it costs only a fraction of electric, gas or propane powered auger.

These are some of the most important criteria to consider before going ahead to buy the Ice Augers machine. You will enjoy using it when you get the best.

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10 Best Ice Augers For Cordless Drill Review

Here is a review of the bestselling ice augers you can pick from when in need of quality products.

1. Landwork Heavy duty eco-friendly ice auger

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This is one of the best that comes with a 2Ah and a 48V max lithium ion battery and comes with a charger. It is made with ergonomic silicon, and this makes handling more comfortable. The Landwork heavy duty Ice Auger run at a speed of 320 Revolution Per Minute (RPMs).

When on a fully charged 2Ah batter, this Ice Auger can dig up to 30 holes, while a 4Ah will dig 60 holes when charged at an 88.8-watt-hour and 177.6-watt-hours respectively.

The Ice Auger is equipped with a transmission overload protector which ensures that it regulates the three planetary gear mission for higher transmission efficiency.

The built-in safety feature of the which include a quick stop option that prevents the power head from overheating makes the operation safer. The safety stop button is also placed at an easy to reach position. Remarks from customers attest to the quality of this machine.

2. Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger

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One of the best options for anglers who need a primary Ice Auger. It comes in 5 different sizes from 4 to 8 inches. It has an adjustable handle that can be adjusted from 48” to 57”; this makes it easier and more convenient to use for drilling.

It is made with chrome alloy stainless steel blades and powdered coated paint which help reduce ice buildup on the machine and its blade. The stainless blades of the strike master lazer hand Auger can easily be replaced and sharpened when the need arises.

It has a soft rubber grip, and it is made designed with an ergonomic handle system. It has an overall dimension of 20*15*15 inches. And drill faster thanks to its higher RPMs. It can quickly drill into any type of ice irrespective of the length, size or thickness. The strike Mater lazer hand auger is very affordable for all anglers.

3. ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

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The ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger is an electric ice auger that comes with a battery which makes it convertible to cordless easily. The machine is very light with an overall weight of 21 lb, making it far lighter than other power auger machine.

It has a slush-flushing reverse function which helps eliminate the need to scoop slush and ice out of the hole after drilling, with a press of the button, this is done automatically.

You can cut smoothly when using the ION Eskimo Standard Series IceAuger, and the blade is positioned in such a way that you can cut the ice easily. It is mess free, you need not mix gas and oil together, you will have no spill, and it is exhaust free.

All you do is drill without stress with the push of a button. ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger makes the overall process of fishing comfortable and convenient. Beautiful enough, it works well with a cordless drill.

 4. Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger


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The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger is a 6-inch dual flat blade auger that many anglers have enjoyed using. No wonder it is one of the best-selling auger products you’ll see around. It is lightweight, and as such, it can easily be carried about even when traveling.

No matter how hard and tall the ice is, the Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger cut through it effortlessly. Its stainless-steel blades stay sharp for a more extended period.

It has a cross-bolt takedown system which helps prevent over tightening when you are drilling. It has handles and pommel knob which help make drilling more comfortable and convenient. Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger have blade protectors which help extends the life of the blade.

It has an efficient 6″ cutting diameter making it all the more suitable for all anglers. It comes with an overall dimension of 31.8*8.6*6.5 inches. It works perfectly with a cordless drill and arguably the best one you can make use of.

  5. Strike Master Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

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One beautiful thing about the Strike Master Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger is that it comes in different sizes from 6-inch to 8-inch depending on your requirements and use, but you can be sure that it is perfect for all sort of drilling.

It comes with high alloy carbon steel blades which care powder coated with paint to help reduce the buildup of ice on the blades.

The Strike Master Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger has a soft rubber grip and carries an ergonomically designed handle system, and this makes handling easier and more convenient. For your comfort, it has an adjustable handle which can easily be adjusted from 48-inch to 57-inch.

Since one of the best criteria of ice auger is lightweight, this device has an overall weight of 6 lbs. It is really affordable for all anglers and fits perfectly into all sort of budgets. The blades can also be sharped easily since they are prone to getting dull.

6. Nils master UR600C cordless drill auger

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If you are searching for the best cordless hand auger, the Nils master UR600C cordless drill auger is one of the best options you will see. One good thing about it is that you can make use of it directly with the handle, or you can attach a cordless drill machine to the device.

It delivers excellent cutting, and when the battery is charged full, you can drill dozens of holes, you can drill more than 20holes when with an 18v battery and 40 when with a 20v battery.

Apart from these, the blades of this device are very sharp. Hence they easily cut through the hardest ice with ease.

The auger is prevented from falling into the drilled hole, thanks to the presence of a large disc located near the cranking point of the machine. Since it has a very lightweight, it can easily be transported and stored at home or in the workshop.

7. Tool Tuff Hand-held gas-powered hole digger

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The Tool Tuff Hand-held gas-powered hole digger comes in different sizes, the earth auger with 4”, 6”, 8” 10”, and the ice Augers with 8” or 10” diameter. One man can efficiently operate it, and one of the best and most efficient hand augers you will find around.

It has a maximum auger RPM of 183, with an ideal speed of 2800 RPM. It is entirely constructed with steel which makes it strong enough to break through strong ice.

The Tool Tuff Hand-held gas-powered hole digger comes with an incredible six months factory warranty attesting to the quality and efficiency of the machine. It has a ¾” attachment shaft factory fitted with it.

The diggers can also be attached to your cordless drill when they are of the same shape and size. It is very safe and easy to use at it delivers the best result for all anglers.

8. RAZR Lithium Ice Auger

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This is another top ice auger you can choose from. It comes with no cord making it easier to operate. With the battery fully charged, you can cut through dozens of holes without stress, thanks to its 24v Lithium battery that doesn’t dry out quickly.

With the stainless-steel blade of the machine, cutting through ice is made more comfortable as it has enough power to break through severe ice.

Whether you are fishing early in the evening or late at night, the LED light that is bright fixed on the machine will make that possible. Accurate cutting is guaranteed with the durable die-cast aluminum transmission of the device.

The handle of the machine is ergonomically designed, and this help distribute the weight of the auger. You don’t need to exert force pushing the auger down; this is done automatically. The machine has an overall weight of 28 pounds and a dimension of 42*16*11 inches.

9. ION Eskimo Ice Auger Bits

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The ION Eskimo Ice Auger Bits is another top hand auger form ION. It is delivered in several dimension from 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch. It is entirely constructed with steel, and this makes it sturdy and strong enough to break through the ice. It carries an ION green powder coat finish. The 6-inch diameter device comes with a 42-inch length.

The machine comes with both blades and blade protector which makes it safe for use. The blades are so sharp that they can easily cut through the ice without becoming blunt quickly.

The drilling part fits perfectly into all ION powerhead and some cordless drill. It has an overall weight of 6.3 pounds making it light enough for anyone to carry and handle. The auger has an overall dimension of 38*7*7.

It comes with a cover that helps protect the machine when not in use. It is made in its entirety with high-quality material and genuine accessories.

10. RAZR 8” Hand Ice Auger

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The last on this list is the RAZR 8” Hand Ice Auger which is made with stainless steel and sharp curved blades that can break through any type of ice easily without stress. The stainless steel also prevents the machine from rusting easily.

It comes with an ergonomic comfort grip knob and rust-free spin handle that makes it easier to use and reduce fatigue when drilling. It has a three-point adjustable positioning that helps create a simple and fun-filled experience while fishing.

The machine comes with a protective cover that helps make usage and transporting of the machine all the easier. It also has an adjustable length which can be readjusted to conform with your height and make drilling easier.

It has an overall weight of 9 pounds, and a dimension of 31*11*8 inches. It can be used with cordless drilling making it perfect for all angler who want to avoid the stress of carrying cords when fishing.

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Are Ice Augers for Cordless Drill safe to use

The direct answer to this question is yes. Although more of the truth depends on the user. The blades are not located close to where the handle is located.

There is no need to worry about the sharp part cutting the hand. Many designs of the ice auger like the landwork come with several safety features that are designed to make the machine safe to use.

The fact that most cordless drills do not make use of oil and gas, but battery help prevents pollution. You need not worry about the exhaust as nothing like that will happen many designs of ice augers for cordless drill comes with the protector that helps prevent the machine from falling over into the drilled hole while drilling. It becomes safer to use when the angler follows the necessary safety tips delivered with this machine.

Since most do not use electricity, this eliminates the risk of getting electrocuted, and when making use of electric drilling auger, it is safe to follow all guidelines provided for such a situation. Since the machine carries an ergonomically designed handle system, this makes handling easier and more convenient for all operating the machine.

What are the Cordless Drill Ice Augers?

Getting a direct answer to this question might not be efficient. Several things add together to make a selected ice auger the best. Five essential criteria have been discussed in this article.

The good or the best Ice Augers for Cordless Drill machine must possess all or at least four of these criteria for it to be considered the best. It must not be heavy, must have adjustable weight and many more.

This review has also given information about ten different auger machines, you can use any one of these machines, and you can be sure that they are the best at what you need them for. Reviews from previous customers for them have attested to the fact that they carry the best quality you desire.

How strong are Ice Augers for Cordless Drill?

Mostice augers for the cordless drill are made with stainless steel; this results in a strong machine that can easily break through even the hardest ice. Apart from this, ice augers for cordless drill have blades that are sharp enough to cut through any ice you want to fish under.

The best one as highlighted above is strong enough to serve you well. Many industries, in fact, gives warranty on these products to assure you of its authenticity.


Getting the best ice augers for a cordless drill for your fishing is very important; the success on the fishing depends more on the type of material you use. Hence, it is crucial to consider carefully before deciding to buy an auger.

In this review, we have touched some of the best products delivered by top industries like Nils, Strikemaster, Eskimo, ION, and many more. Getting one of these assures you that you are shopping for the best. You must also ensure that any machine you are choosing satisfy the five criteria listed above and that they are affordable.

It is essential always to follow the safety tips that are attached to this machine if you really want to get the best out of it, your safety also depends on using the machine in the right way. So, endeavor to follow carefully. Indeed, getting the best ice augers for the cordless drill is no luxury to you anymore, you can now have a unique and satisfying fishing experience.


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