10 Best tandem kayak for fishing – Reviews and buyer’s guide 2019

For the lovers of the fishing adventure, every moment of the hunt is unique, from the challenges encountered on the water surface to the that of getting the exact species of fish that you set out to get and most importantly the paddling experience.

All these come together to make a beautiful experience for fishermen. However, your experience is not fascinating yet until you choose to go on a fishing adventure with the best tandem kayak for fishing.

What is tandem kayak and its importance to fishing

The tandem kayaks are a superb looking fishing boat with a longer body and narrow space but have the agility to make your fishing experience fun.

The tandem fishing kayak with pedals is often a joy to use when fishing because of the double paddling feature that comes with this type of product.

For those who are not fans of solo adventure fishing, getting the best 2 person fishing kayak is the best option you can give yourself for a better and sweeter fishing adventure.

There are various types of tandem fishing kayak for fishing in the market, and it goes without saying that for the newbies, you can always get the best tandem kayak for beginners.

This type of kayak makes solo riding or double riding fun and easy for the beginners.

Choosing the best tandem kayak for fishing may become a challenge due to the vast brands and designers in the market.

However, this article is targeted at helping you know the best tandem fishing kayak for sale in the market to help you reduce the stress that comes with buying the less quality tandem kayaks.

Start your experience with a used kayak

This may seem odd to you, but this largely speaks to the beginners, at this point you do not have an idea what you really want or the type of features you will like your kayak to have.

Also understanding the most essential features and quality at this stage is truly not well defined. Most of the kayak dealers are always having a used kayak for sale.

Going forward, it is advised that you use the first four guidelines to choose your first best-used tandem kayak that readily meets your need and wants.

Be sure to make good use of your used kayak for at least a period of one season, then you can decide to replace it with a new one having known the do’s and don’ts of the kayak.

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10 Best Tandem Kayak For Fishing

Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem Sit-On-Top Touring Kayak

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The ocean kayak zest two as the name implies is a tandem sit-on-top that is made for touring. The product is made to have a stable hull that makes it suitable for any type of condition the water brings.

It is a versatile product that can be great for family and camping trip; this is a product made to have narrow width and long length.

For a fact, you can always count on the speed of this product; its efficiency is one of a kind which makes paddling swift for users over a long distance.

In terms of design, the kayak is presented with double padded seats with a seat back option that accurately fits into the two molded seats in the hull of the yak, the design also allows for a small looking third party or say a dog.

The bow and stern have rooms for storage, and both have bungee cords that are used to secure your gears for an overnight trip. It is long and may require additional paddler for ease of access.

Old Town Twin Heron Angler Tandem Kayak

Best tandem kayak for fishing

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For the love of a sit-inside yak, the Old Town Twin Heron should be the first on your list, it is designed to have a wealth of space in its cockpit, and the two present seats are great for seat backs and can be easily adjusted to your need.

It is designed in a way that will make paddling so easy for you alone if you chose to. The auto trim hull helps to distribute weight across the yak when you choose to paddle alone, which means you are effectively safe to paddle alone without the fear of tipping over.

The kayak can house 500-pound capacity which makes it the best choice for a bigger solo paddler or if there is a need for additional storage. In the case of two people paddling, there is enough room for light gear camping and the added advantage of bungee storage space at the stern.

ADVANCED ELEMENTS StraightEdge 2 Kayak

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Mobility is a luxury that can’t be overlooked if you love freedom and likes to take your yak with you anywhere you go; this is the best option of a yak for you, it comes with an inflatable design that allows you fold it and keep when not in need.

This is a 13-foot design in length, and the breadth is 35 inches, it weighs about 47 pounds and has the weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The aluminum frame that is around the bow and stern helps the product performance to be better especially when tracking on the surface of the water, the product is suitable for use on lake water, river water, bays, and a class 3 whitewater.

Another exciting feature of this beautiful product is the presence of a rod holder that makes it great for fishing trips, the two padded seats are with adjustable backs which makes it swift for solo paddlers.

Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-TK219

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For the sakes of enjoying outdoor sports and or having the best fishing experience, the Brooklyn Kayak Company’s BKC UH-TK219 which is 12 Ft long is the best and ultimate choice for you.

The length of this product makes it suitable for taking up to three persons which is why it is tagged the multi-person kayak or a family kayak.

The presence of 4 flush mounts and a dual adjustable rod holder simply means the product has a 6-rod holder. These double rod holders make it easy for paddlers to keep the fishing line intact in the waters.

For the Kayak seats, it is made to have a luxurious feel, and it has rear pouches that make for ease for the paddlers. With this product, you can fish with your family and also go on solo fishing experience.

You can bank on the dual watertight storage and the aluminum paddles that are made to be lightweight for ease of use in the water.

Vibe Kayaks Shipjack 120T

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This is one of the kayaks for beginners; it brings the feeling of comfort that helps learners to ease into the fishing craft.

The vibe kayak shipjack 120T has a 6-rod holder which comes with two flush mount holders with cap features, in terms of comfort while fishing the four mounting point rod holders would make your fishing experience fascinating than ever.

The product’s four carrying handles make your transportation feeling unique and very stable, there is enough space for a child and two adults in this meticulously constructed kayak. This is because of the 3 seats available with the shipjack.

The product also has great space for storage of fishing accessories and other stuff needed for your fishing experience.

On the design front, this is a 12-foot long kayak with a 500 pounds weight capacity, the cup holders are presented with double sealed hatches that help to house items that are small sized.

Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-TK181


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The Brooklyn Kayak BKC UH-TK181 features a 12.5 inch sit on top tandem, it can load up to 450 pounds of weight, it has a 7-rod holder, the waterproof storage make it unique and can take two adults with its seats.

For the solo adventurists, this is genuinely ideal for you, the kayak is very well sturdy, and you do not have to worry about the weight as it can house as much as 450 pounds.

For the design, it has handles that help in carrying of the product and also great for transportation.

The storage space is located just between the paddler’s legs, and this allows for challenge free storage of accessories. The 7-rod holders come with 4 flush mounting holders and three fishing rods.

These are great for fixing multiple lines in place at the same time, and the adjustable holder makes it easy to pick out the best angle for users suitability.

Lifetime 10 foot Tandem Fish Kayak

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Lifetime Kayak is 10 foot long, and it is one of the best kayaks in the market due to its design of high-density polyethylene that protects against UC.

The product is made to house about three people, and this translates to two adults and a child having the space for seating comfortably in the kayak.

The lifetime kayak has a series of footrest feature that brings about ultimate comfort for paddlers; the 6 storage feature helps to house your accessories effectively.

Buyers need not worry about the weight capacity of the Lifetime kayak as it is produced to be able to lift about 500 pounds of weight. Paddling is made easy for users with the 2 double-sided kayak paddlers.

You will have fun with this product as its 3 fishing pole will give you a great fishing adventure and finally the backrest feature is abounded to help maintain your health in terms of posture.

Sun Dolphin Bali

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What this kayak absolutely offers is comfort and space and the excellent sitting option that gives paddlers the ease of navigation on waters. The length of the product is slated at 13.5 Ft which makes it conducive for housing three persons.

Going for a solo ride is as much enjoyable as riding with three people. With this product, you will have yourself the luxury of seats that are adjustable with super comfortable backrests.

You need not worry about weight as this product can take up to 600 pounds of weight in capacity. The product is well designed to give standard carrying handles and holders for paddles; the three cargo space compartment is suitable for housing cargos.

This is a 70-pound kayak and still comes as a lightweight product with portable design. The downside to this product is that it does not come with paddles.

Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package Kayak

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This is a versatile product that has the certification of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, what this means is that the product has undergone and passed a series of rigorous safety tests.

The SE370K_P gives you all the needed accessories to keep your fishing experience and paddling experience a great one.

The inflatable double kayak seats are suitable for comfort and so is the double 7 Ft 10 Inch paddler, the air foot pump is also available, the presence of the tote bag and finally the repair kit for the kayak in times of need.

The kayak is designed with a K-80 Polykryla which is highly resistant to tear; the plus to this is that you can uniformly weld the kayak to keep the attractiveness in place.

The kayak is light in weight and as well portable, it can take two adults and a child. This kayak is 32 pound in weight, and it can be inflated and deflated for easy storage.

One of the advantages to the kayak’s design is the 3 air chambers which help to retain the shape even when punctured.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

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This is a kayak that will accommodate two paddlers with ease and comfort, the center of the kayak can also house a child which translates to three-person capacity kayak. The Kayak will take up to 425 pounds of weight in the feature.

The design is centered on comfort which is why the kayak has a model called footwells and they overlap to give support to the paddler sitting in the center of the kayak.

The kayak’s accessory called skid plate helps to keep the kayak working for more extended periods. The chances of damaging the kayak’s keel are almost down to zero with the Skid plate in place.

Should there be damage to the skid plate, it can be replaced. The kayak is made with attractive colors like yellow, sunrise orange and green.

Either for a solo ride or tandem ride, this kayak will mainly serve you properly.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak For Fishing

The challenge of getting the best of any product in the market has become increasingly unbearable for shoppers due to the availability of various brands and manufacturers in the market.

This also is a challenge for tandem kayak lovers because the numbers of producers in the market have been tripled. Worry no more as we will be giving the ultimate guide that will help you to choose the best fishing kayak for sale in the market.

Kayak Type

There are various types of kayaks in the market and these ranges from sit-in kayak and sit-on-top kayaks. The sit-in kayak is not so great for fishing, because of its little space for cargo.

It also houses water inside the little space provided until it is emptied. This type of kayak is also difficult to get back to upright mode whenever it flips during paddling.

A sit-on-top kayak is the best choice for fishing since it helps to drain water from waves or rain by itself with the help of the scupper holes found at the bottom.

The way they are designed gives room for cargo and as well as your accessories. If you are the type that likes to go fishing with your child a sit on top kayak is the best option for you.

Your Body Type

Your type of body also helps to determine what kind of kayak is best for you; this is because of comfort while fishing and paddling.

Check the seats if they are going to fit your kind of body and if they have flexible backrest option, check for the leg room if there is enough room to make your leg stay in the right position for smooth pedaling.

Note that the seats should be on an elevated level to keep you dry from the water inside the kayak.

The Stability of the Kayak

Except you are the type that really enjoys swimming, it is essential to put the stability of your kayak into consideration before purchase. Pay attention to the twist and turn that will help cast and land fish.

Your kayak must not be tippy if you are the type that likes to stand while fishing, also avoid the V-shaped type of kayak as this can easily tip.

A tunnel or flat bottom hull kayak will be a suitable option for you. Also, note that shorter type of kayaks are easily tipped and are easily tossed about by water waves.

The longer boats are great for fishing as they easily cut through water waves and they glide smoothly on the water. Finally, it is advised that you go for the correct width and hull type to ensure stability with your kayak.

Motility of your kayak

The more the features added to the kayaks the more they get heavier. Pay attention to how you will move your kayak before you purchase as there are questions to be answered in terms of transportation of the kayak.

Is the kayak going to fit right on top of your car, is it going to be easy to transport with a truck or would you require the help of a trailer, all these are essential things to know for your own safety.

Are tandem kayaks safe for fishing?

Safety is the first thing to consider in our everyday life which is why you should not ignore or trade this for anything. Tandem kayaks are generally safe for fishing because of its unique features and its ability to wriggle through the water with ease.

Going forward fishing with the tandem kayak is even great for your health as it is an excellent form of exercise that helps to keep you fit and in shape.

Tandem kayaks are flexible because you can paddle with your family or friend and this can help you share the load of paddling. Tandem kayaks are stable on the water, and they are designed with space, the more stable a tandem kayak is, the better it is on the river bed. ‘

It is even best to know that the stability of a tandem kayak makes it better and safer because with the tandem kayak you can choose stability over speed.

The flexibility of a tandem kayak also makes it safe for a fishing adventure, the double paddling feature is one of the reasons for the flexibility as two people can easily share the weight of the paddling force and this brings about flexibility.

Both paddlers will know when to move and stop for the other to either make a turn or dodge an obstacle. This makes the tandem kayak, in fact, one of the safest means of going on a fishing adventure. Overall Tandem kayaks are safe to use for fishing.

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What is the best tandem kayak to use for fishing?

Of the various types of tandem fishing kayaks in the market, you should know that the sit-on-top kind of kayak is the best for fishing as it has attributes that help your fishing experience to be unique and secure at the same time.

It is spacious, comfortable to ride and paddle; it is compact and doesn’t easily get tossed about by water waves. It removes retained water by itself through the scupper hole in the bottom, this makes for great safety and uniqueness of the sit on top tandem kayak.

How strong are tandem kayaks?

The design of a tandem kayak will determine how strong it is. Tandem kayaks are generally referred to as strong, but the manufacturers of each tandem kayaks are the ones who are responsible for how strong the kayaks are going to be.

The question is how strong are the paddles, how strong are the kayaks when being tossed by water waves. All these are all attributed to the features given to the tandem kayaks by the producers.

However, it is safe to know that tandem kayaks are strong and very great on the water bed.

Tandem kayak is made to have paddle holders that make it balanced and strong, unlike the generic fishing canoe or boat, the paddles are fixed at an angle that can make the tandem kayak withstand different types of push from the river, lake, streams or oceans.


In our view the ADVANCED ELEMENTS StraightEdge 2 Kayak tandem kayak is one of the best products in the market that will give you a great deal of quality and efficiency for your money.

It is durable it is versatile, and it is one of the bestselling tandem kayaks in the market.

In terms of affordability, tandem kayaks are not generally cheap products in the market, but you are always sure that when you choose the best tandem kayak for sale, the quality you will get is top-notch.

On the affordability front, the Old Town Twin Heron Angler Tandem Kayak is one of the most affordable tandem kayaks in the market, it brings balance, and the design is very well great for fishing without fear of tipping over.

Having read the above review about the best tandem kayak, for fishing, it is now safe to go for your tandem kayak shopping without fear of getting the wrong products.

Overall, choosing any of the tandem kayaks reviewed in this article will give you a great sense of stability, safety, flexibility and most of all the best fishing experience you have always dreamed of. We wish you great luck in your newly found fishing adventure.


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